Jan 24,1976
Los Angeles, California
Concept-Artist, Designer, Illustrator, photographer
After working as a concept artist of several computer game companies.
(SEGA of America, Inc. / Activision, Inc. / etc.)
Currently, he works as a concept artist of USA animation film production company "Dream Works Animation".
Also he is working closely with RWB (RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF) Los Angeles aiding them with media work.

From an early age he has been influenced by Manga, Anime, and Cars.His interest in cars have played an important role in shaping who he is now.To put it simply, He loves cars.And he was to be assigned a chief designer of high quality body kits "Orange Flame".

His Additional interests are "traveling","music","food",and "fashion".He says "All these interest help shape my passion into becoming a more creative designer. I want my viewers to be inspired by the content I create hoping it would inspire them to create art of their own."


HOSSY (Hitoshi Hoshino)

July 14,1976
Tokyo Japan
Career History
[1999 – 2007]
Belonged to the tire development sales department for new car (Original Equipment Tire Sales Dept.) of Japanese tire manufacturer (The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.).
Supported the Japanese car race (Super Taikyu Series) Class 2 winning team (Car No.11 OHLINS LANCER EVO) from the standpoint of the tire manufacturer.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X persons in charge from development follow up to delivery.
[2008 – 2012]
Worked at a trading company of a foreign capital (CORNES & Co., Ltd.) which is an authorized dealer of a luxury imported car.Belonged to the sales division of Ferrari and Maserati.
Start preparing for the original fashion brand.
"ARMY GIRL" founded (Representative and producer)
Invited Walter Kim as a chief designer, and founded a car custom brand "Orange Flame"